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Attorneys at Reddick Moss represented Danna Davis, the daughter of Dovie Davis and representative of her estate.  Dovie Davis was a 98-year-old resident of Andover Place (“Andover”), which held itself out as an independent living facility.  Andover was owned by Holiday Retirement, a corporation with over 300 facilities in the United States and Canada.  Andover advertised that they would provide a safe and secure environment which included responding to emergencies.   During a winter storm in 2012, the facility lost power, and testimony revealed that the employees of the facility and middle and upper management failed to follow a multitude of safety rules and failed to respond to the emergency as they promised to do.  As a result, Ms. Davis died of hypothermia from the prolonged exposure to cold. The defendants were represented by the law firm of Hardin, Jesson & Terry, PLC.