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Trial Technology

Reddick Moss uses different forms of trial technology in all facets of litigation from start to finish.  The technology and trial presentation programs have evolved over the years and make the evidence presented at trial, mediations and arbitrations easier to understand and follow.  Presentation of evidence is a key component in the work-up of a case at Reddick Moss.  Documents, videos, photographs and other forms of evidence are presented to the judge, jury and witness in the form best suited for a clearer understanding of the message we are trying to convey.

Some of the technology that the attorneys and trial support staff are familiar with and have utilized includes Trial Director and SMART Board interactive software in conjunction with Elmo visualizers/document cameras.  Trial Director allows for documents that are downloaded into the program to be shown either by calling up a document number or via the bar code assigned to the document.  Recently, the attorneys at Reddick Moss tried a 3 week trial that involved over 40,000 documents that were all downloaded and bar coded in Trial Director.  At the click of a button, the bar code could be scanned and the document could be shown on the screen instantly.  The use of technology allows for better interaction between the attorney, witness and jury.

The legal team at Reddick Moss have utilized timelines and illustrations in the mediation and arbitration of our clients’ cases and serves as a way to educate opposing counsel, a mediator, or an arbitrator about the nature of our clients’ case in terms of the gravity and severity of injuries.

By using the trial technology that is currently available, the attorneys at Reddick Moss believe that our clients will benefit in the form of a positive verdict or settlement.

Click here to see an example of a trial presentation.

To view a sample of the technology, illustrations and other media forms that the lawyers at Reddick Moss have used in trials, mediations, and arbitrations on behalf of our clients, please click the link below.